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In-Circuit Test Resources for Manufacturers of Electronic Boards

Electronic manufacturing has undergone major changes over the last decades. High SMD throughput, lead-free soldering, and smaller electronic components as well as new high-tech applications for medical devices, aerospace and automotive have brought new requirements for manufacturers.  A high quality standard for critical applications can only be achieved through a sophisticated testing strategy. Besides the obligatory optical inspection (AOI), the in-circuit test (ICT) plays a critical part as it is the only test that can verify the correct electrical values of each component tested.

PCBA testing, ICT, FCT, ISP, boundary scan

Added Value for Quality and Management

Quality Indicators In-Circuit Test


In most high-tech industries quality and product reliability are key over the full product lifetime. However many electronic manufacturers do not always track the right quality indicators for testing their boards. This is dangerous from a quality and also from an economical perspective. 

Capital Investment In-Circuit Test, Amortisation

Capital Investment

For managers the investment in expensive test solutions is often a difficult decision.
We provide some considerations for the right choice with special consideration of the electrical in-circuit board test with bed-of-nail fixtures.

Effective test design is the key to success in PCBA quality. All test processes have advantages and only a well-planned combination will do a good job.

There are a variety of test platforms available on the market with huge differences in performance and price. We provide a brief overview.

Fixtures are engineered and built by specialized suppliers in many forms and variations.

We provide an overview of the major players in the test software market (turn-key solution providers) with some comments on how we see the future in this market segment.

We provide a marketplace for job posts and the sale of used test equipment.