The Three Musketeers of ICT Test

Teradyne ICT in-circuit test
Keysight  ICT in-circuit test
SPEA  ICT in-circuit test


US-based Teradyne is a listed company with many products and services. The Teradyne in-circuit board test solutions originate from the German Genrad System, that are the technical basis for one of the global market leaders in board test.


The Keysight ICT solutions originate from Hewlett-Packard (Agilent). Keysight is a US-based listed company with a broad range of products and services for measurement and test. It is one of the market leaders for in-circuit testing.


Italian-based SPEA is not only one of the leading manufacturers of flying probe testers, but also a serious player in the field of in-circuit testing. It has benefited from the speed of new developments while the other relevant market players trust on their established systems.

Other Advanced ICT Test Systems

TRI  ICT in-circuit test


Taiwan-based TRI is a serious global player of sophisticated test systems, however not with a broad installed base in Europa.

Digitaltest  ICT in-circuit test


The Company was founded in 1980 by an Egyptian engineer near Karlsruhe, Germany. It offers various test systems for the electronics Industry. 

Reinhardt  ICT in-circuit test

Reinhardt Testsysteme

Founded in 1976 in Germany the family-owned Reinhardt offers ICT and functional test Solutions.

Acculogic  ICT in-circuit test


The Canadian-based company offers a wide range of test Solutions. The ICT solution is based on the German Scorpion system that was taken over in  2006.

Seica  ICT in-circuit test


Seica produces ICT and functional test systems since 1986 in Italy and maintains offices in many countries.

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Case Study

In due course we will provide a case study of an EMS supplier that describes the value an ICT solution has for its quality and economical performance.